PolyPlay 2019 RECAP

Thanks to everyone that showed up, helped us set up (figuring out tech stuff is hard), and contributed work to PolyPlay 2019. This was our first year incorporating VR installations into the event. Enjoy watching our documentation of the event. And let’s get amped up for PolyPlay Spring 2020! There was no shortage of fun moments to include.

A big round of applause goes to all of our participating artists:
Trevor Hormel
 Bryan LeBeuf
 Unyimeabasi Udoh
María Fernanda
Soffiah Decena
Sean Han Tani
Marina Kittaka
Rafa Rivas
 Insun Kang
Shuheng Fu 
Mindy Lee
 Zachary Harwood
Harrison Wyrick
Parker Davis
Tyler Liegmann
Hsin-Yu Lin
Chanhee Choi
Joey Starling
 Kristina Tokar
 Anneli Goeller
Sarah Banks
Heejoo Kim