September 2018 Monitor Programming

Don’t forget to set your alarm clock — or two, the new Fall semester is just getting started and those absences add up real quick! This month our monitor programming features four videos artists that incorporate text into their work with each artist exploring and approaching in wildly different ways sub-current themes about the body and politics.



Eve Kalugin – 2015


TRAILING is a short experimental, darkly comedic video about surveillance and being surveilled. Highlighting the absurd reality of paranoia, the video explores the language applied to surveillance and reportage. In the black space of a cinema, words detail various suspects listed in filed reports, government reports, your accounts and official papers. Constantly shifting between watching and being watched, the viewer is transposed into a space where they become implicated in some irrational act of hiding from potential attackers, in a story where everyone and everything is under suspicion—where bipartisan boys, rotten apples and Russian robots are all treated as equally suspect.


Doch wer dich wirklich kennt Der weiß, ein Feuer brennt In dir so heiß

Natalie Costello – 2017





Hiba Ali – 2013


This video deals with social construction of femininity translated through digital fluid. It inverses Marcel Duchamp’s classic Fountain as an object and uses the multiple ideation of the feminine with the subtext of poetry, fills an interstice and creates a dialogue.


Amor Eterno 

Lidia Madrid – 2018


Short film about Queer love based on Gustavo Adolfo Becquer’s poem, “Amor Eterno” with original score by Lidia Madrid