Currently, ExTV only accepts submissions from members of the SAIC/AIC community; including current students, staff, faculty, and alumni. You must have a valid SAIC/ARTIC email in order to submit.

Submission Checklist:

  1. Show us the work!
    -Burn an uncompressed QuickTime file (.mov) of your work to CD, DVD or Blu-ray
    -Upload it to Vimeo/Youtube and send us a link/password
    -Burn a playable Blu-ray disc
    -Put the full file on a Flash Drive.
  2. Label it with your name, the title of your piece, its running time, year completed, and email address.  (For links, please include the information in the description.)
  3. Place your disc/tape/USB stick into the big black mailbox outside the ExTV office by the elevators, MC-1401 – or – Make an appointment with an ExTV Team Member ( to transfer your files directly to our drives.
  4. Fill out our online form/agreement found below so we know that you’ve submitted and we have all of the correct information.


  • We cannot use a heavily compressed file or a playable DVD with menus. We need a data disc! And the best file you can give us!
  • Never submit a master! ExTV will NOT return discs and is not liable for any loss.
  • We will NOT return flash drives unless it’s submitted with a pre-stamped and labeled envelope, or you’ve made pick up arrangements with an ExTV Team Member. (
  • If you are contributing more than one piece, please fill out an Agreement for each one!