The Legend Of Pwdre Sêr

The Legend Of Pwdre Sêr


Welshmen, NASA agents and snooker champions collide with advanced intelligence from outer space.
Produced for The Golden Record exhibition curated by Mel Brimfield, a contemporary version of the phonograph record included by Carl Sagan and NASA scientists in the two Voyager spacecraft launched in 1977. Containing sounds, greetings and images selected to portray the diversity of life and culture on Earth, it “is intended for any intelligent extra-terrestrial life form, or far-future humans, that may find it.”

The Artist

Dave Griffiths

UK artist, filmmaker and independent curator. Practice orbits around video, celluloid, animation, photography and print. Work dwells on the physical and fictive borders of media spaces, attempting to activate their histories and playfully explore their dramatic potential as living forms of cultural memory. A rigorous observation of marginal fragments is combined with dead and alive technologies. I attempt to critique our perpetual social bond with hoarding and recombining media relics, and the illusions of security that we construct around images. Aside from my practice I work with other institutions and artists on organizing, documentation, advice and selection for exhibition, research or screening projects in the north-west. I lecture in film, video and animation at Manchester College and MMU. Please contact me, or Bureau, for more information, or preview material.