Vivienne Luo Wang – Eye Exercises

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“I question cultural gestures that contain strong political overtones. In my video work Eye Exercises (2014), I use gestures from a school radio calisthenics program for eyes.

The eye exercises for students from elementary school to high school begin with the slogan “Protect eyesight for the revolution, prevent myopia, the eye exercises start…” and have been mandatory for Chinese students since 1963. In 2012, Chinese teenager’s myopia is on the second place in the world, however eye exercises are still compulsory due to government policy.

Through the re-enactment of an official demo for teaching eye exercises, I manipulate the background sounds, and raise the question whether it is necessary for students to do the exercise without exact proven medical studies, whether it is for improving students’ health or is it for political purposes.”

Eye Exercises (2014)
Vivienne Luo Wang
BFA 2015