How to Export Your Video (Premiere Only)

When you are done editing your video, go to File > Export > Media or Command-M (Control-M for PC), and a new window should pop up:

1. At the top, click on the “Format” dropdown menu and select QuickTime for ExFEST submissions. Otherwise, any video for web-based viewing should be exported in H.264.

2. Name your video file in “Output Name.” At ExTV, we require your submission be titled Firstname Lastname_Titleofwork_Yearmade (ex. Tommy Wiseau_The Room_2003).

3. To select where your file is going to be saved, click on your video name (highlighted in blue) and select where you wish to save your file.

4. After selecting Quicktime, the “Video Codec” menu should appear. Select “Apple ProRes 422” for best screening quality. If you are exporting in H.264 for General Submission, SKIP THIS STEP.

5. Export your video!