ExTV continues to showcase SAIC work and has created a new program titled A???PART, a bi-weekly online exhibition of new time-based work/media made by the SAIC student-faculty-alumni community. Submissions can serve as a response to the current state of social distancing/living in social isolation or can more broadly demonstrate how you may be adjusting or experimenting with your artistic practice at this time and to cope with the current crisis. Of course, with limited access to SAIC’s campus, many of us do not have the equipment or materials that we are accustomed to having during the semester to create work. While we definitely understand the frustrating aspect of this limitation, we also see potential with the current limitations of access. We are hoping that the makers in our community can feel motivated, inspired, and challenged to create unconventional work and have a platform to share their creations. Submissions can be anything from video diaries/confessionals, screen performances, phone camera or webcam films, or appropriation, etc. We encourage you to work with any resources you may have at home and available to you now in your current environment.

Our submissions are rolling, which means there is no specific deadline. However, we will be curating work every two weeks cut off on Fridays. Have questions or concerns? Email us at extv@artic.edu!