CLOSED: Call for Submissions: PolyPlay 2022

new year = new poly play

PolyPlay is back! The virtual becomes physical!

PolyPlay is ExTV’s annual show dedicated to showing off the other side of the FVNMA spectrum (New Media!) Every spring ExTV hosts PolyPlay, a space that showcases the video games art, web art, net art, virtual reality, augmented reality, and other forms of new media art that is made by the students, faculty, and alum of SAIC. As an organization that focuses on showcasing the time-based media art made by folks at SAIC, it’s important that we have a space to showcase art that may be out of the bounds of a monitor or traditional gallery setting, which is why we are focusing on continuing to host PolyPlay, and host it as in person as we can.

One can submit any kind of interactive/new media works (i.e. video games, desktop apps, web-based art, virtual reality experiences). We will accept works based on availability of resources, so submit your piece regardless of what it requires, and we will work the artists and the school’s resources to put on the show. *not every piece is guaranteed a place in the show

EXTENDED Deadline: March 5th 2022