ExFEST Presents: ExTV 2020 Program

ExFEST 2020 will be premiering tonight and before tuning in you may need a few details to get you to the screening and digital exhibition space!

The screening program will be premiering live on YouTube at 7:15 PM CST at the following link:

As well, the screening can be accessed within the gallery space as indicated by the map provided below. Clicking on the figure indicated on the map will direct you to the YouTube premiere. You have the option to view the work in the gallery space once it opens and use this space as a lobby to wait for the screening time.

The online exhibition will open for viewing at 6:30 PM CST through the New Art City virtual art space platform by accessing the following link:


Once you click the link you will enter the space in which you’ll be able to navigate as a virtual avatar.

Here is the navigation guide for the space and a few image renderings of how it should appear:

As well, here is a map of the space indicating where each featured artist will be located in the gallery:

If you encounter any technical difficulties feel free to use the chat functions in either the gallery space platform or the YouTube live chat to alert us. As well, you can always send us a quick email at extv@saic.edu!

We’re looking forward to you joining us for this two-part event!