Call For Submissions! Submissions Closed

Here at ExTV, we are ahead of the game! Just for you all, we are already making the necessary preparations to ensure that ExFEST 2021 is our best year yet. Of course, this is what we say every year because it’s true. Thanks to all of you, every year we see more students participating which means we are getting more submissions and student attendance at ExFEST.

So to summarize, we’re officially accepting submissions for ExFEST 2021!

ExFEST is ExTV’s annual film festival made by students for students. Open to all forms of video art, our film festival allows students to compete for a chance to showcase their best work in front of a ExTV-selected jury, win festival awards, and have fun! This will be our 16th year running, and we’re excited to see what’s in store. Each year, ExFEST occurs sometime around the October following summer applications. Our festival is open to all currently enrolled students of SAIC and recent graduates. We enjoy supporting students of our FVNMA department, as well as anyone who is experimenting with video and wants to screen their work to the masses. The festival will hopefully be presented with an in-person screening as well as with online platforms.

This year we’re accepting time-based media work including film, video, animation, and performance made for video. 

We keep our minds open so that you can too. Video art can be so many things and we want to encourage a diverse community of video art at SAIC, so don’t be afraid to submit your work. We encourage keeping it longer than 2 minutes, though we keep in mind animated works can be short. You can SUBMIT MORE THAN ONE WORK, which can increase your chances of getting in!

Extended Submission deadline: July 15

How can I submit my work?

You can upload directly to our Google Drive or provide a pre-screener (downloadable) link through the ExFEST application.

Submissions for EXFEST 2021 are now closed!