ExFest 2021 Lineup

ExTV is excited to announce the festival lineup for this year’s ExFest!

This year we are separating the ExFest screening into two days, each with its own program! On the second and last day of ExFest we will also be announcing the winners, selected by a jury of SAIC faculty; three winners are chosen and the First Prize winner will win a paid submission to the film festival of their choice.

Day 1 // October 15th

BUT Haomin Peng

Amaranthine Nolan Barry

Hannah Ruby Que

The ________ World Peixuan Ouyang

Fall Cindy Cheng

lacuna Younatan Yin

the shedding of snake skin series: greentest Ingrid Jane

Beach Day Olivia Jobbe

A Dream I Had Clark Woods

Day Two // October 29th

Last Dance; Dinner Date Brandon Paterno

EEV 137 Evan Armstrong

Lighthunter Fernanda Carvalho Santos

Shelf Life Iris Stratman

The first United Ice Cream Assembly Closes Today Hailing Liu

Come Inside, Take Your Shoes Off Sarah Kim

Reunion Siyi Zhang

COLMEIA Mauricio Chades

Ingland Vagabond JRah Joshua