ExFest 2022: Winners Announcement

Thank you all who submitted, showed, and attended ExFest!

This year ExFest had an amazing selection of student/alumni works, and the SAIC community came to support those artists in our 17th annual ExFest screening! This year we had the largest turnout of any of our latest screenings since the pandemic!

This year we had a jury of faculty and staff at SAIC who watched every piece in the show, and determined their picks for our three ExFest Winners, all of whom get ExTV swag and the First prize winner gets a $40 prize to submit their work to any film festival of their choice!

Without further ado here are the prize winners of this years ExFest!

Honorable Mentions

Transient Home

Jiwon Ham

10 to the 64th Power

Sobe Okoye

3rd Prize Winner

Song of Love

Rudolf Lingens

2nd Prize Winner

Need to Nurture

Jude Silvertree

1st Prize Winner


Leah Del Harrison

Final Announcement – Winners Panel!

Also offered as a prize for ExFest, is the chance to be apart of a panel discussion hosted by ExTV and open to the SAIC community! Its a great chance to practice talking about ones art and process, so stay tuned for a date and time announcement!