ExFest 2023 Screening Announcement

Save the Date! The screening for ExTV’s 18th Annual ExFest will take place at 4:00pm CST on Friday, October 20th in Maclean Building Room 1307. Our program will contain the Screening, an announcement of the Winners, and best of all – Free Candy! We hope to see all your eager faces in attendance!

ExFest 2023 Program Lineup:

“appropriation” – Daniel Tseng

“New Age: The ‘They’ Emergence” – Janice Cho & Yeju Kang

“The Table” – Bella Miller

“Chasing” – Linds Scott

“ai evolution of cyber worship reality” – Bella Podowski

“The Feast of Weasels” – Yutong Ao

“Chroma Wheel” – Zechen Li

“College Vampire” – Kate Hassett

“Born” – Hoang Nguyen