ExTV Presents: CHROMA

Hosted on March 6, 2020, CHROMA was presented as a new screening event in response to Women’s Equality Day and in celebration of Women’s History Month.

2020 marks the 100 year anniversary of the day white women in America gained the right to vote. However, it is often misinterpreted as the day all women in America received the right to vote. Throughout the echoes of history, black and brown women were barred from many opportunities and spaces. Female/Femme artists of color still face some of these same barriers in the contemporary world of art and design.

We now represent this program to you in order to create a digital space and home for these works and artists whose works are imperative to share.
Thanks again to all our participants and attendees.

The order of the works are as follows:
Madeleine Aguliar
1:14The introduction theme for a prospective series about an optimistic boy who plays the lute.

Asian Alpha Female / White Omega Male
Joelle Scher
A video essay about the plight of a multiracial child.

50 second inhale 4 second rest
Zoe Butler
A meditation on Zong!

Nina Perez
The project explores the underrepresented history of the revolutionary Puerto Rican civil rights organization, The Young Lords Organization, and how the limited recognition of their contributions to the social and political landscape of Chicago, New York  and the U.S. at large is reflective of the general history of neglect and disinterest of Puerto Ricans and other Latinx groups in the greater context of American history. Collected footage is juxtaposed with self-generated footage and animations as to further complicate this complex narrative and interject my own artistic voice and personal history as a Puerto Rican woman. 
Wantong Yao
When I was working on Self-Contained, a two-minute 3D animation, I was reading an article written by Rocio Carrasco called (Re)defining the Gendered Body in Cyberspace: The Virtual Reality Film. For instance, Carrasco in her article argues for “a material construction of reality in which subjectivity and body are decentred as distinct units” and also a reconfigured body that “breaks away from … conventionalisms and is far from being the organic repository of a single consciousness” (34) which really contextualizes and articulates my ideas behind this project. Also, I started to see beyond the dichotomy of materiality vs. virtuality, embodiment vs. disembodiment, but to think of 3D scan as a post-corporeal re-embodiment of the physical being, just like what Katherine Hayles states in How We Became Posthuman, that “there are no essential differences or absolute demarcations between bodily existence and computer simulation, cybernetic mechanism and biological organism, robot teleology and human goals” (3), raising the concepts of a posthuman subjectivity and an embodied posthumanism.

I used the scanner as a camera and took several 3D “selfies” by holding the scanner towards the mirror in my bathroom. The scans turn out to be pretty chaotic, fragmented, and meanwhile, highly self-aware, due to the fact that the scanner itself is revealed in 

Miyara Perera
MESSi is an aesthetic exploration of the ‘whore-goddess’, drawing from mythology, tarot, and Sri Lankan art history. It is accompanied by a cinematic hip-hop soundtrack, full experience on Youtube.

Uncanny Valley
Anastasia Nesbeth
Uncanny Valley portrays a surreal adventure that revolves around inter-dimensional travel and discovering various versions of yourself in multiple universes and realities.

4 Movement and the Birth of the Sun

Valladares, Nancy
Produced in Tegucigalpa, Honduras and in Chicago, IL, the short film tells the story of 7 River, a fictional character who encounters the story of her past for the first time by accessing the archive of memories her people stored in Water. Water is the receptacle for their knowledge and cultural memory; it is also their language and their way of life.

The story draws from several cosmologies and creation myths, like the Nahua tale of the 5 suns. I am interested in the role that fiction has played in the formulation of possible realities or futures, but also in the construction of the past. The short addresses a necessity, perhaps a personal one, for an alternate imaginary

Lo Thomas
This piece was created to take the viewers into a surreal mindset, and surround them with bees even though only a human body is present.

Amy Choi
Humans unconsciously desire for ideals and perfection when it doesn’t really exist, for “perfection” is formed by people’s perceptions and ideas. However, humans unfortunately continue to put themselves in an imaginary space called perfection.

Yellow Chalk
Kay Liu
Animated short about growing up Asian-American.