ExTV Presents: Monthly Student Artist Spotlight (November/December)

We’d like to introduce the second participant in our new monthly program that highlights the work of a student artist every month and seeks to create a larger conversation and sense of community through featuring their work/practice. This program has three components: an online program of a selection of the artist’s works (accessible above), a highlighted presence of the artist across ExTV’s social media, and a live conversation/ Q&A with the artist to round off the month. This month’s artist will be featured until the end of the Fall semester.

Join us on Zoom on December 10th from 4:30-5:30 CST for our conversation with Zoe about her practice.

Zoe Butler

4th Year Undergrad in FVNMA with a Thesis in VCS

Chicago based artist, Zoe Butler is actively studying (BFA) at The School of the Art Institute of
Chicago. She has performed at Mana Contemporary, collaborated with Plant Chicago and is
currently developing her film Safe Passage to be screened in Spring 2021.

Butler is a hybrid media/performance artist and filmmaker whose work centers embodiment to explore materiality. Her practice meditates on archives as interconnected extensions of affect that cultivate ontological exchange and invite conversations around the synthesis of intergenerational wisdom. Her practice aims to activate memory imbued documents and embrace the ever becoming nature of objects through expanding methods of artful engagement.

Website: https://zoeruthart.wixsite.com/pixiebreeder

Instagram: @pixiebreeder

Online screening program is ordered as follows:

50 seconds exhale 4 seconds rest



Documentation of a performance of M. NourbSe Phillip’s Z O N G!

Parting Leis



Meditates on the feeling of immersion and the passage of time.




In collaboration with Emelia Vidal- Hallett, this work critiques the co-evolution of technologies
and hegemonic patriarchy. Responding to an archive of objectifying pornographic video games, this work aims to reclaim the frame through dialogue and invite any and all to press their tities against the screen of the C64.




An excerpt of Zoe’s work in progress: Safe Passage; a film exploring materiality.