IN BETWEEN: A Live-streamed Animation Screening

(Originally live-streamed on Youtube April 24th, 2020)


ExTV, in collaboration with SAIC’s Ani(MATE) Club, put together In Between to showcase a collection of diverse and creative works from animation students at SAIC. Animation – an often underrepresented and unfairly looked-down-on medium at institutions such as SAIC – has been morphing and reshaping itself continuously at the school and in the creative world.

This screening was originally meant to occur as an in-person event. Despite a lack of access to campus, we still feel that this work is important and deserves a spotlight.

Artists featured (in order of first appearance):
Madeleine Aguilar:
Zoe Butler: @pixiebreeder |…
Iona Liu: @xiangchidazhouzi
Haylie Jimenez: @_h4yli3
Paige Alexander: @||afternoon |
Danny Cooper: @fractalboyart
Kay Liu: @earth.bender |
Michelle Flitman: @fawnestly |
Chanina Katz: @chaninakatz |…
Wantong Yao
jamnbutter: @jamesguu | |
Ellington Bramwell: @another_prototype
Madison Lee / Newmoon: @newmoon_artt |
Levi DeMatteo: @starfish_hospital |…
Max Reber: @m.xipad |
Elisa Jule Braun: (This artist is not included in this uploaded version of the screening, by their request for their work to only be shown to the public temporarily)
Sophie Lee: @leesorim1205
Zechen Li / lukyae: @lukyaezc |

All graphic design and organization for this event done by current ExTV Production Assistant Chanina Katz.