March 2020 Programming

For this month’s monitor programming, on view, are works exclusively made during 2019. Enjoy this eclectic range of work provided by our SAIC student body!

Fun on the Stairs

Ravi Jha

A boy has some good, clean fun playing on the stairs.

I am Uyghur.

Idil Duman

This video shows how easy it is to learn about yet how often swept under ‘the rug’ that the genocide of Turkic Uyghurs in China is. NOBODY is talking about Uyghurs. This piece is originally a part of an installation where the video is projected on the floor with hijabs hanging like dead bodies above in order to reflect the cruelty and ignorance involved. The video is originally silent and on a loop during the installation.

King of The Jungle

Micah Sweezie

Edited documentation of a performance.

Angel Embraces

R. Dahan (animation), Sam Baker (sound)

Two angel/spirit beings recognize and care for each other through dance; one specifically is comforted through a nightmare. The soundscape created from medieval love song, “Douce Dame Jolie” alludes to interdimensionality, creating an environment that values antique humanity and lives in an ether above, below, or in-between our own reality.

Test Strip

Vesper Guo

The nature of waiting as itself is like the line of a line segment, apart from the endpoints, in other words, the goal and the purpose. Thus I see the course of waiting as both a single unit of time measurement and the accumulation of fractal moments. In this video, the two sides of waiting are layered as one. I adapted the visual process of test strip in dark room photography to approach the change in the multiplicity of time units, in comparison to the ambiguous impression of the overall time period as one. Although paralleling from each other in concept, the two interact with each other while being perceived.