Meshed Potatoes – Campus Monitors February 2024

This month, the campus monitors are featuring selected works from the Experimental 3D and Digital Bodies Performed Fall 2023 classes taught by Anneli Goeller!

Meshed Potatoes is an exhibition of selected works from the fall 2023 Experimental 3D and Digital
Bodies Performed classes at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. This exhibition showcases
the wide breadth of workflows among SAIC artists working in experimental 3D animation and new
media. These works range from narrative animations, interactive online games, abstract
explorations of 3D space, speculative fiction, to live visuals from a DJ set.

Calixto SantamarĂ­a Poptcheva

Sky-bound, a game demo

Journey through floating realms and collect various tomes and relics as a little Sky Manta.

misha poklad


Glance inside a floating library, suspended between realms, oozing cryptic knowledge. Are these ethereal structures more than mere sculptural experiments?

Jinah Park


Crab encountering a friend on an island

Tianyu Lu

Demo Reel 2023

This video is a summary of the animation clips I have made this year, and I have taken some of them, and they are all in a rhythm.

Oliver Shore

heoliene – rc (narrative visualizer)

visual accompaniment to ‘rc,’ a song released as part of heoliene’s 2023 ep ‘holon.’

Mateo Badilla


This is a manifestation for safety.

Mateo Badilla

Ranita y El Cuerpo

This surreal short is about self-discovery by finding the rest of your body from an unfortunately worded wish.

Vivian Guan


A 3D animation video about relationships among parents and children in asia, especially mothers with daughters.

Ben Milius

Documentary Robot

In the post apocalyptic future where reality is expiring and where creatures are roaming, a robot is set out on a quest to document the toxic environment 

Julie Kim


Seamlessly blending iconic elements that uniquely symbolize the vibrant and diverse character of Chicago, which encapsulates the essence of the city

Yeju Kang


Inspired by the concept of hiding my identity in the presence of others, this artwork abstracts and distorts the body, exploring the intricate relationship between figurative representation and abstraction and portraying the notion of identity as a form of camouflage.

Rachel Irwin


Wndrlnd is a surreal exploration of the use of motion capture and 3D scanning technology to archive and showcase a body in flow state.

Won Gi, Min

Contact to Abyss

Contacting abyss to explore the great fear of human

Yoonhwan Kim

Abandoned Memory

It is a video that expresses the forgetting of the toy factory of memories that were lively in the past

Yujin Kim

The Neon City

Welcome to the darkest yet most luminous city in the world!

Dahee Lee


Blissful is a 3D animation inspired by the frutiger aero aesthetic and 2000’s Windows XP and its games.



This 30 min curated DJ set brings viewers onto a journey through cinematic 3D visuals and melodic EDM drops.