PolyPlay 2021 Event Information

Follow the ExTV Twitch Channel here. Sadly the PolyPlay 2021 Twitch Stream is not available to watch on our page, but stay tuned for more ExTV x Twitch content.

PolyPlay 2021 invites you to game with us! Tune into ExTV’s twitch for a night of animation and experimental video games run throughs. Watch or play along with the game downloads in our description! After the stream, links to download the video games featured in the playthroughs will also be available on our website.

Below are the program details:

Mutation, Madison Lee and Younwu Lee, 2020, Animation

Mutation’ is a 3D animation I worked on last year. I decided to create two contrasting worlds; light and dark. The Light world represents our expectations about the future world and the Dark world represents side effects. We always expect something better to happen in the future but in reality, we do not know what’s really going to happen. There are always side effects.

daemon.luv, James Gu, 2019, Game Playthrough

In documenting my own psychic life, daemon.luv deals with relationships, EDM/rave culture, gaining/losing control and anxiety – it’s a third-person POV of one instance of the second-generation, southern, asian american psyche. It feels really nice having a one-on-one conversation!

Labyrinth, Clark Woods, Work in Progress, 2020 Game Playthrough

We Do Care about You, Glen Lee, 2020, Animation

One girl uploads one posting that she does not want to live anymore on social media and starts to get a random phone call from stranger.

Las Moscas, Meghan Brandt, 2020, Game Playthrough

Las Moscas is meant to operate as an interactive meditation and poem. As the atmosphere changes, and the color palate darkens, the character and player move deeper into the unconscious. The artist was inspired by experiences of transness, how self hood becomes distilled, and how the internal can reflect the external. It was made using the Bitsy game editor.

you have to try., Kay Liu, 2020, Game Playthrough

“you have to try” is a short text-based game surrounding themes of queer love and finding a home for yourself. Play as a nameless protagonist who wakes up without any memory, and finds themself trying to go home while traversing an unknown landscape. TW for elements of homophobia.

I’m wondering… if you are a bird, Li Zechen, 2021, Animation

A melancholy boy, a broken keyboard and a strange encounter.

Catboy Office, Fox Graham, 2019, Game Playthrough

Your name is Jules Delgado, a nervous catboy who works in an office. Today is the annual Christmas party. What will you do?