POLYPLAY 2022: Event Announcement


This year’s POLYPLAY is just around the corner, and we’re inviting you to come by to enjoy video games, new media works, and a screening of tech-based performance for video works pulled from the ExTV submissions archive!

Still from CuteCuteCat – Diana Jiang

Video game featured at this years PolyPlay!

Featuring video works from the ExTV Archive!

Sal Moreno The Convergence of Rhythms

Liz Seonwoo O Além

Molly Hewitt Diamonds

Clark Woods Clark’s Surreal Race

Max Reber Void Sisters

Natalie Costello I sold a million mirrors in a shopping alley way – But I never saw my face in any window any day

Maximiliano Cervantes Frontier Technologies

Neiman Center (first floor of Sharp)

Friday April 22nd , 4 – 6:30pm

Screening begins @ 5:30