PolyPlay 2024: Call for Submissions (SUBMISSIONS CLOSED)

Submissions for PolyPlay 2024 Have Closed!

As 2024 approaches, so does our annual video game and interactive new media art arcade – PolyPlay! Every year ExTV presents an opportunity for the SAIC community to submit games, interactive installations, virtual reality, and other interactive media art to be shown in an interactive physical space. Once we receive all our submissions, we will decide on a space that best fits the year’s content – so location TBD!

As a student organization based around Experimental work, we strive to give those working on interactive art and experimental games an accessible space to show their work and test it with the public - a component of interactive art making which can be difficult to access.

Also, your submissions do not need to be finished to submit – feel free to submit a work in progress, so long as the piece is finished by the time of the event. Submitting is not limited per person, and is open to all students, alumni, faculty, and staff of SAIC. Apply using the Google form in the button below!