Thanks for Coming to ExFEST 2018 and Congrats to All Our Winners!

That’s a wrap on this year’s ExFEST! We had so much fun putting it together and seeing everyone’s work this year. Thank you to all who submitted and congratulations on our winners of ExFEST 2018.

Jury Award – “Tell us what happened that November” by Jullian Musielak
Audience Favorite – “Ellipse” by Catie Rutledge
Best Animation – “Smart Nightmares” by Marisa Tolomeo
ExTV Staff Pick – “苏 Soo” by Yitong Lu

We’d like to give our thanks to our judges and everyone who came and voted. This was the biggest turnout we’ve had at ExFEST, and we couldn’t be any happier and more excited to get ready for next year’s festival. See you next year!